What I'm loving Wednesday

I love shopping! I have put myself on a budget after all the money we have spent this year on our wedding, honeymoon, and new house thus I just dream about a lot of things lately...I have developed quite a long wish list!! Here are a few of the things I am swooning and dreaming over....some that I hope to have in the near future:)

1. I'm loving...all things boots!! I want SO many pairs, here are just a few I am loving right now!

I have always liked these! Wish they had changed the style up just a little from last year!
I'm in love with these but am having a hard time finding them in my size!

I will take any of these:)

2. I'm loving...aviators...I have been equivocal about them on me for a long time, but finally tried on this pair that I loved the other day!

3. I'm loving...being a student again...I have decided I am a professional student. I am headed back to get my Registered Nurse First Assistant so I can help our surgeons in the operating room more. Looks like I will be headed back to class in less than 3 weeks.

This is what my last few nights have looked!! I have lots of work to do the next few weeks!


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