Foto Friday

Another weekly recap of iPhone photos!

1. Miss Zoe is in some serious trouble this is the second dog bed she has decided to eat the last 2 weeks. I think she must be boycotting that Dixie is allowed on furniture and not her.
2.Our holiday front door. I have intentions to make a berry initial M for our door at some point but busy schedule=purchased wreath!
3. Holiday table...another half done item in our house..I have faced the facts that this year with my class schedule the decor will be sub par!
4. Mono test=negative. I've been SO tired lately so did a mono test hoping to explain it but it was negative. Looks like a few more tests in my near future. After my trip next week of course.

Happy Friday, Happy weekend! I am headed to my first holiday party tonight! hope you have a great one!

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