Mom update

Sweet mama is getting her 3rd round of her 2nd round of maintenance chemo today. She didn't make counts yesterday her WBC was only 1.9....bring out the hand sanitizer, sani wipes, and masks. She got a Neupogen shot yesterday to help boost her WBC count so she could get chemo today. Please pray that through these next several months while her poor white blood cells are lowered that she is free from illness and infection. She has been so healthy until this point and we are prayerful that she will continue that way. I entertained Mr. Holt yesterday in Dr. Munoz waiting room while my mom got her shot. It was so fun to sit with him while he played games on Aunt Annie's phone (that's me:) Noelle could never say Stephanie so I became Aunt Annie and it has stuck ever since. Yesterday reminded me again of what an amazing God we have; of all the PNP jobs that are out there and that I could have dreamed of having He knew I needed to be at Medical City well before I did...I have loved getting to run over to see my mom before her rounds of chemo, meet her to watch Holt, walk her to her PET/CT scans, have countless lunches with her and my family while they are thankful that He knows far better than we do and puts us right where we need to be.

Thanks for your continued prayers for my mom and our family as we go through this journey.

Look how adorable they are, love them....

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