A couple of weeks ago I went to Denver for yet more training. Education, school, training...it never seems to stop. I think I am becoming the best forever student:) This training was for my RN first assistant so I can begin helping the surgeons in the operating room (something I would NEVER have thought I would do). I nearly passed out the first surgery I ever saw, but here I am. I guess your body eventually gets used to it and you can handle it, at least lets hope so. I have been in the OR quite a bit over the last year but this training will allow me to be more hands on and helpful to the surgeons. So here's to 2012...new roles and new responsibilities!

Some of my new friends from the week. Wouldn't have survived without them.

My posthysterectomy patient.

Closing up all the layers.

In action

Performing my "lap chole"

That's my gallbladder...got it out without it exploding

My poor patient after a hysterectomy, lap chole, bowel resection, ORIF of the femur, JP drain and lots of suturing!

Preparing for the bowel resection. Had to ligate a bunch of vessels first.

My new bowel all fixed.

It is hard to tell but I had a huge popped blood vessel in my middle finger

Me and Adrian with our hats they gave us.

My aorta after its triple AAA repair

Downtown Denver

Dennis came in on Thursday!! It was so fun to have him there

Our last procedure...ORIF of the femur

Repairing the fractured femur

Closing it up

Dennis went out to check on his friends house...this was his view,
he sent it to me to rub it in while I was in class

Getting my certificate

Group dinner

Happy studying to me!

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  1. Just so you know, NO ONE knows what any of that mumbo jumbo is/or means! BUT- I'm so glad you do because you will be/are just fabulous at it and what you do! Love you & miss you! : )