Foto Friday

Last weekend was crazy busy full of birthday parties and my end of year party. Here's the Iphone pictures to recap. Link up if you want to join.

 My end of year of Acute Kids party. Me modeling my new onsie for Nurse Practitioner of the year!

Celebrating Hannah's 20th birthday and Miss Noelle's 6th. Love celebrating birthdays with the fam!

Celebrating Levi's 5th birthday!! Laci loves her uncle Dennis:) Look how cute she is!

A couple random shots, I am so proud of my hubby for framing our mirror. It is far more amazing than my expectations. Little Dixie loves to lay on top of pillows:) And last but not least...I am constantly make fun of Dennis for standing the way he is in the above picture. He is training another nurse and she snapped this photo. He even stands cross legged while concentrating and putting in PICC lines. Crazy!

Happy, happy Friday!

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