Foto Friday

Very late Foto Friday but nonetheless it's here!! iPhone recap for the week!

So thankful for this crazy girl! Glad I get to do life with her:)

Getting ready for a baseball themed baby shower..more too come with final prep done!

Have been trying to add another color of pillows. Trialing navy blue for now. I've decided I will rotate them for seasons/holidays.

My new entry table:) Now to decorate and find a chair to place next to it and something to hang on the wall...never ending, right!?

I have officially cleaned everything of mine out of Dennis' garage;) Found this while rummaging through them, from Dennis' parents las Christmas, I love it:) Can't wait to use it.

Happy, happy weekend! I know I am Seriously looking forward to it!

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  1. First off, thank you for posting that picture. My modeling agents will be thrilled to see I have a new face. Second, I can't wait to see how the baseball party turns out. Third, the house looks great. AND fourth, and most importantly, I love you!