What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving...that I finished all my course work for my RNFA and passed my final exam with a 91!! Yay now to start my clinical time in the operating room. If you had told me 6 years ago when I started nursing school at Baylor that one day I would be a Nurse Practitioner helping in the OR I would have told you, you were crazy. Interesting how things change!
Had to throw in some Baylor love!

2. I'm loving....Zumba at 24 hour fitness. It is like no Zumba I have ever taken. I was sweating my butt off!

3. I'm loving...that we have had no evening plans this week. The last 6 weeks with the holidays, etc. have been crazy. I have thoroughly enjoyed having free nights, naps, and going to the gym. I have forgotten how nice a nonbusy schedule is. I (for the better part of my life) have always strung myself thin. I can never do just one thing at a time take last week for example: I was making baby shower invitations, taking down Christmas decor, putting up New Year's Eve decor and planning a NYE party. Talk about stress...so glad it all came together:)

4. I'm loving....these dresses. We have our end of year party next weekend and I am determined to find a new dress..I better start really looking!

Happy Wednesday!

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