What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. I'm loving...sewing machines...I am on the hunt for one. I'm not wanting to spend tons of money on it right now because I'm not positive I will like it or be good at it. I want a simple one with embroidery so I can embroider simple things myself:) I have my eye on these two. So we will see, hoping to make a decision soon.

2. I'm loving...my Erin Condren Calendar...thanks Jaimee for introducing me to it. I'm in love!
I even love the way it came packaged:)

3. I'm loving...working for Acute Kids Urgent Care. They truly embody what it means to have a positive, successful company culture. They pour back into the employees that work for them and their annual party shows just that. It was a wonderful Casino Night full of games, prizes and awards!! People ask me why I have a second job and all I can answer is "Because I love it!!" Thanks AKUC for caring about us!
Dennis and I playing black jack with Dr. Crow

Happy Wednesday!

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