Sweet mama Crosby

My mom is finally getting the PET scan I mentioned here. Man insurance can be a pain in the butt. We have been waiting this long for insurance's approval since they are so expensive. Please be praying for my mom today. We are praying and claiming that the PET/CT will be clean with NO cancer. We are praying that the area on her liver is just a benign spot. Please continue to prayer for her strength. 10 straight months of chemo is starting to wear on her body. She has needed Neupogen shots the last few rounds to boost her WBC. Her WBC count got down to 1.5 her last round. Please pray against infection, that the Lord would renew her strength, keep her hopeful, increase her joy, and increase her patience. She has 6 more rounds to go and then it will be time to party. One full year of chemo done and done!! Thank you again for all your encouragement and prayers!

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