What I'm loving Wednesday..

1. I'm loving..that I just purchased a photography class for my best friend Jaimee and I! She doesn't know yet, but I'm sure she will soon once she reads this:) We took photography in high school together and were just discussing taking one again last Saturday. Found a great deal yesterday and couldn't pass it up!!

Now to just convince my hubby that I NEED the above camera before our class:)

2. I'm loving...these curtains...I have decided it is time to put up some curtains around our house. We bought some great blinds already so it has made it easy not to put up blinds but I have decided for aesthetic purposes it is time for some curtains:)

For our office, <via>

For our bedroom, <via>

                                                  Still working on ideas for the living room.

3. I'm loving...that Dennis and I get to spend some much needed time off this weekend with his brother Greg and his wife Erin. Can't wait to relax and have a mini-vacay:)

Mark, Dennis, Greg and Joe

Erin, Phoebe, Melissa, and I

Happy, happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited to hear more!!! Call me!!! : ) Love you!!!