What I'm loving Wednesday...

1. I'm loving...my sweet niece and nephew, Noelle and Holt. They make me smile. The last few weeks when my mom has come in for a Neupogen shot I have sat in the waiting room with them. I am thoroughly entertained every time. Noelle drew me a new picture and Holt educated me on what pirates say. My pirate sounds apparently sounded too much like a lion and he said, "No Aunt Annie, he isn't a lion, he is a pirate with a patch he says Arrrgh...not Rawr:)" Love them. So thankful to have them around to make us smile!

2. I'm loving... all the colored skinny jeans and cropped pants. Just can't decide which color to go with. I just got some skinny black pants despite my hubbies gagging and rejection and love them.

3. I'm loving...this warmy, sunny Dallas weather!! I am a sunshine kind of girl, I think I go through some mild winter blues and long for warm summer days:)

Happy, happy Wednesday!!

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