Worship: adoration and contemplation of God
Praise and worship is vital to our relationship with the Lord. There is something about being still and listening to worship music that causes a stiring in my heart and my spirit for the Lord. It is in these moments that I think we can finally shut out the crazy busyness of our lives and allow the Lord to speak to our hearts. I know in the toughest moments of my life it is these moments that I cling to. I love these hours during the hard times, I honestly can just feel His covering and His "Peace that surpasses all understanding." (Philipians 4:7). Sometimes my life can get so busy that I don't take time to stop for these moments, yet my spirit longs for them. This has been my challenge for myself over the last several months to increase my quiet time and man has it made a difference. It is such a vital part of our walk. In the hard times my biggest encouragement is, take time to be still. It is honestly the most rejuvenating thing we can do. I have been going through my worship CDs and been trying to find my favorites. Here are a couple of my absolute favorites!

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