Praying for Sweet Mom

So my mom is set to get her 4th to last round of chemo tomorrow. Her white blood cells have not been recovering well the last several months between rounds and she has had to recieve Neupogen the day before her chemo to help boost her blood counts often. Last week was a scary round of chemo, my mom had a strange reaction after her premedication of Decadron (a steroid) and her Aloxi (antinausea) before her chemo. She became very diaphoretic, dizzy, disoriented and emotional. We are not sure what caused the reaction and whether it is just an unfortunate side effect of the accumulation of steroids in her system. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be praying for her tomorrow. It was very scary for her and us. We are praying against any strange reactions, that her WBC count will recover on her off week next week, and that the Lord will just carry her through these next 4 weeks until she is done. She even made sure and verified with the nurse today that her last treatment really is April 10 th! And it really is...please just pray for her protection, strength, and peace over these next 4 weeks. Thank you again to all of you have been our faithful prayer warriors, even Dr. Munoz says it has been vital to her journey through this.

Thank you....and because I can't have a post without some sort of picture...

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