Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was beautiful, it was a blast and a much needed break from the stressful/craziness of the week. Friday night I had the pleasure of judging some high school cheerleading tryouts. I got to see a sweet friend I hadn't gotten to see in forever. It brought back so many memories of the "good ole days":)

Saturday I woke up and did a quick workout before dennis and I headed downtown to see our sweet sister in law Erin and help her friend Ashley of Bourbon and Bloom at the Swoon Event!

Dennis helped move in furniture and I helped Erin and Ashley arrange and style the areas. you have to go check out the Bourbon and Bloom site here. They do vintage rentals in the Dallas, Austin, and Houston areas. She has some adorable stuff. I want to feature Erin's site later this week but you should check it out. It is ShopEdisen.com, they have SO many incredible wedding vintage dresses, accessories, and so much more!

Check out the Bourbon & Bloom website to rent any of the furniture for your next event/wedding.

I was in charge of making/setting up these floral arrangements! Bourbon & Bloom provided all the seating areas throughout the event! The furniture is spectacular, I need to have a vintage party just to use it:)

This Easy Sliders Bus was adorable...they were parked right outside the event. I tried one and it was delicious. What a perfect idea for an event! Their website here.

On Sunday we grabbed brunch on the patio of Whiskey cake...it was beautiful!!

Dennis' crazy sandwich on the left and these banana pancakes for me were divine:) yum!

Hope you had a marvelous, beautiful weekend!

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