Celebrating Us XoXo

Monday night we had a date night to Bob's Steakhouse for our one year anniversary. Kinda bummed we didn't get a picture together but it was delicious. So one of my like 5 or so (okay I know there are only 5 love languages but I swear I have a small piece of all of them, maybe we all do:) love languages is gifts....they always say you do best what your love language and it is true in my case I LOVE to give 
gifts. I like to receive them also especially when they are surprises. My husband did so well this year I love it. First he started by surprising me by building this....

Yes you read it right...he built it for me. I love it, I had showed him one that I love and he worked furiously and surprised me with the finished product after a long day of work. It will go to its final spot in the garage soon:)

Isn't it incredible...he came up with EVERY detail for it, the paint, the accents, the white background...SwOOn!

Then he surprised me with these...I LOVE them you have to check out this store, Edisen, it is incredible! More on that tomorrow I hope!

Also loving my new Kindle Fire...I'm telling you he spoiled me as always...loving reading on it!

Dennis showing off his gifts...I loved this plaque bought it a while ago and couldn't wait to give it to him. He also was dying for this iPod shuffle despite that fact that he has 2 iPods and and an iPhone. He is also ordering a table saw?! Who knows but I'm considering it part of his gift:)

We didn't have a cake to eat since we got married in Mexico so we got cupcakes to enjoy:) (We were SO full after Bob's so we had to eat them the next night but they were delicious)

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