Yay flower beds!

Yesterday we had an impromptu cook out at our house. The occasion...we needed my parents help with the yard:) Started out as just my parents and grandma and ended up with the Laws family and Hannah and Zach getting to come! (We missed you Heather and Sasha)! We had a great family lunch then Dennis and I headed out with my parents to work on our horrible flower beds. They were in dire need! I am so excited about how they turned out, next step is stone around them, that will have to be another day, another weekend!

Dennis and dad hard at work.

Love my hard working baby!

Planning it all out...takes lots of decision making..not my strong suit:)

The final project...now they all just need to grow, grow, grow!

Hannah and Zach were studying for finals in our study. Noelle made these cute signs:) Love kid's creativeness and artwork!

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

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