Pardon me for my sheer absence last week. I was knocked down by a horrible sinus infection + pink eye + bronchitis!! Needless to say I was sicker than I ever remember being sick.Top that with being pregnant and not wanting to take any medications that are not absolutely necessary it took me quite a while to fight off. I actually called in sick I think for my first time in over 13 years of working!! Well I was partly forced to because of the pink eye, thought it best to protect others and not spread my germs. I feel like I've had a lot on my heart to blog about and about zilch energy to do so. I was finally feeling a little better this past weekend so I was able to enjoy my beautiful cousin Andra's wedding. It truly was incredible...well she is a VP of an event planning business so I shouldn't be surprised but wow....I loved everything about it. The ceremony was held at First United Methodist Church in Dallas, one of the most gorgeous churches ever, at least I think so:) The reception was at The Fashion Industry Gallery and it was B.E.A.utiful! I didn't take my good camera with me so all I have are Iphone pics.

Beautiful Church

Sisters..part of the house party at Rehearsal

The hubby and I
Sisters at the wedding

Beautiful entry, our Aunt Pam did the vines

Loved the decor and the coral and aqua

My coursage

Adorable, precious couple


Our adorable parents

"Crosby fam" with grandpa:)

WIth the gorgeous bride

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