I'm SO thankful we serve a God that still answers prayers and blesses us with miracles. I know more than once He has proven himself to our family, healed when doctors told us it wasn't possible, and shown His power and ultimate control. He answers not always in the exact way we wish or in the timing we hope for but He DOES answer. I was listening to this group of songs by Jeremy Camp during my quiet time the other day...

You Never Let Go Video

I began to sob at the thought of all the small storms He has walked me through! It was one of those cries that was coming from such a thankful and joyful heart. I couldn't help but thank Him over and over. I often find myself crying out to Him during the aching and pain and doing less of it when my heart is SO thankful....I know we have all had our calm and storms but the trials of this life are but glimpse of what beauty Christ has for us.

Oh no, You never let goThrough the calm and through the stormOh no, You never let goIn every high and every lowOh no, You never let goLord, You never let go of me                                                                                     Never Let Go-Jeremy Camp

What a blessing and joy to know that He is there with us for every high and every low, every calm and every storm. The verse my mom held onto during her chemo was Joshua 1:9-Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. I don't know about you but I am so thankful I never have to go alone! He is there beside us during the hurt and the pain.

These were a few of the many things I could not stop thanking Him for:

1. Healing our dad completely after breaking his neck snow skiing when doctors told us he may never walk again and would probably not be able to bear any more children. Thank you Lord for proving doctors wrong and the miracle that is his life and our precious Hannah!

2. For healing my wounded heart and soul after years of betrayal and disappointment.

3. For healing my vision/pain after my injury in high school.

4. For ALWAYS Providing!

5. For healing my mom! For doctors who obey and learn and use medicine to heal! 

6. For constantly reminding me of how much we need you.

7. For blessing me far more than I deserve.

8. For loving my grandma and keeping her busy during this past year of transition without our papa.

9. For protecting us.

10.  For hearing us, for answering and knowing what is best!

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