Bowties or Bows?!

The Friday before we left for Spain we got to have an extra sonogram to make sure McBaby and I  passed and were able to travel. The sonographer was able to tell the gender and sealed it up in an envelope for us. It was a long 2 weeks waiting to find out but it was SO worth the wait. Dennis and I were pretty convinced we were having a boy but I had a dream the week before that I was having a girl. So we had some family and friends over for our big "Bowties or Bows" party to find out....and.....

My brother in law took pictures for us that we don't have yet but my sweet sis Hannah also took some so I have some that she took... I'm SO bummed I totally forgot to get a picture of all the people guessing each:( I'd say it was pretty split but bows may have had a few extra votes!

Bows or bowties

Sisters! We were a split vote...2 bows and 2 bow tie votes!

The first outfit we have purchased...found this one in Barecelona!

How I told the girl's at work!!! They were all guessing boy except one:) There are 3 girls pregnant in our office so far 2 girls...soon we will see what Allison is having!

Thanks Jayme for this picture:)

SO nervous and SO excited!

Thanks Hannah for putting these together for us:)

Bowties and Bows: I made out of fabric from Hobby Lobby
Balloons: Party City
Candy: Party City
Moustache stickers: Hobby Lobby
Zigzag fabric:

Bring on the bows and tutus:)

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