Foto Friday

My weekly Iphone and Instagram photos.

I have officially bought my first pink/girlie things!! I am in trouble!

I was craving red meat since I probably didn't get enough protein in Spain and my sweet hubby slaved over this delicious meal!!

Sent this to Dennis...because though I LOVE Zoe our next dog will NOT I am begging for one of these....a Goldendoodle!! So cute, right?!

I came home from work to this..yes Dennis bought me some maternity was so incredibly thoughtful and meant so much to me. He knew I was starting to show and hadn't been shopping yet:)

Zoe and Rose are best buds after spending 2 weeks together at my parents...Zoe was mopey and depressed without her.

And on another sissy Hannah and I have been obsessing over this song that they sing at The Village Church and they are finally releasing the sinlge on ITunes on June 22nd. It is a must buy, I promise you won't be's called Come to Me!

Come To Me - Single from The Village Church on Vimeo.

Hope you have an incredible weekend. Happy Friday!

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