God's promise

I have always believed a child's name is SO important. I love that when we were growing up my mom had framed what each of our names meant. Stephanie means "crowned one." I love it because to me it means I am a princess of the most high King, my heavenly Father...so of course when Dennis and I began the name searching process...far before we were actually pregnant...I think I started texting him names and he would give me the thumbs up or down almost a year ago:) I love that everytime I text him a random name he knew exactly what I was sending: Baby name suggestions. We had several names picked out for whether it was a boy or girl. We were more settled on our boy name Elijah Grey McDonald than we were the girl's name.  (Elijah means "The Lord is my King") I prayed about it a lot. Researched and looked up every name. The name we both kept coming back to for our little girl was Isabella. After all the research I felt that this was the name the Lord wanted for our precious little one and guess what Isabella means:

God's Promise

Isabella- as a girl's name is a variant of Elizabeth (Hebrew) and Isabel (Hebrew), and the meaning of Isabella is "God's promise; God is my oath".

The signifance of this may not seem all that great except it is to OUR story...back in December Dennis and I thought we were pregnant. I hadn't had a period for quite some time and was feeling tired and nauseas all the time and the girls at work kept saying maybe you are pregnant. I knew I wasn't but went home and tested anyways. The first one I took looked positive but the several after did not. That afternoon while I went through SO many emotions nervousness, excitement, then disappointment....my iPod was on and Jeremy Camp's song, "This is my desire" was playing. I felt very strongly that God was saying it was time for us to start a family. So shortly after we truly started trying for a baby. In January, Dennis had a physical and some of his labs were off...he was told that this could affect his fertility so we were sent to an infertility specialist...mind you it took us until the end of March to get an appointment to see said specialist. In the meantime we continued praying and begging God for this child. I knew it was what He had planned but didn't know how the journey for us to get there was going to look. Come to find out I got pregnant in mid-February but did not know until the day before St. Patrick's Day (March 16th to be exact). We still went to his appointment because we knew we still needed to have Dennis' labs figured out. When we got there the doctor went through his speal of how he wasn't sure if we would be able to get pregnant on our own, how further testing was needed, and Dennis needed surgery to re-repair his old hernia and varicocele that he had repaired as a teenager, and medicine to increase his testosterone...we did not interrupt him but when he finished with tears in our eyes I looked at him and told him I was actually 6 weeks pregnant and had actually had lab work to confirm and a sonogram scheduled for 2 weeks later. He then in shock said "You guys have defied all odds, I don't know how it happened!" My heart was beaming...because we knew, God knew...God wanted us to have this child and He didn't care what modern medicine had to say about it. He then told us that because of everything our miscarriage risk was much higher (3 times higher to be exact). Even while typing this my eyes are filled with tears...I am SO thankful to serve a God that is all powerful and who plans our story...I had and do continue to pray against anxiety, and pray for peace and trust that God is in control of this precious life I am carrying...so there it is we can't wait to welcome

Miss Isabella-God's promise 

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