Goodbye 20s

Yesterday marked the last day in my some ways yes very depressing but in SO many ways so exciting. So many people have said to me the best years have yet to come....I can honestly say I am looking forward to my next 30 years:) After all the joys, trials, and heartaches of my 20s I am more than excited to welcome what God has planned for me. Who would have thought 29 would be such a beautiful yet tough year! I am thankful though that in those tough moments God has always seen me through and shown me the beauty He has planned after....when I was 5 my mom says I looked at her and held up both hands and said I want to have this many birthdays:) I have always loved birthdays...I love celebrating mine and others; what an incredible day to get to celebrate and thank God for yet another year! Some years far exceed others in the joy department but I am ALWAYS thankful for each year the Lord has given me, the life lessons, trials, and joys He allows me to partake in. Who knew in the last year I would get married to the most precious man, walk through cancer with my mom, get told it may be difficult or impossible for us to get pregnant, then defy doctors reasoning and get pregnant....each of these things I am thankful for, what God walked us through, taught us and made our thank you to all who made yesterday such a blessing...I truly felt SO special and blessed by all the gifts, messages, and serenading:) Here is a sneak peek of the fun festivities...and the celebration continues mom and I are having a spa will be her first massage, mani/pedi, and facial in over a year since while on chemo these things weren't allowed....thank you Lord for getting us to the place where we can go and enjoy this tomorrow:)

The girls at work made sure to make my birthday special.

My adorable, delicious cake made by Ashley, her blog here.

 When I got home my husband surprised me with I wasn't thinking I wouldn't get it..I am SO excited and can't wait to use it!

And he had his favorite florist make these.... L O V E....not the best picture but the flowers are exotic and beautiful!

We celebrated dinner at Fireside Pies..our first date spot...dinner was a great debate and up until the exit we couldn't decide if we wanted Del Frisco's or Fireside Pies...I am so glad we chose how we did, it was delicious:)

What does a pregnant girl order on her 30th birthday...a Shirley Temple of course:)

Triple Roni pizza with goat pizza ever!

Thank you again to everyone who made yesterday so special and turning 30 so much easier:)

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