Weekend wrap up

This past weekend was a much needed family time celebrating life, birthdays, God's sovereignty and healing!!

I truly have come to realize even more what a true miracle and blessing a new life is and meeting sweet Kelly and Justin's newest addition Ethan Owen Dowling was one of the biggest testaments to this. Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer weeks before discovering she was pregnant. We decided God wanted this baby in this world more than anything...she has already recieved her first round of chemo while pregnant and gets 4 weeks with her precious baby before recieving her next rounds of chemo.  Baby Ethan is more precious and absolutely more PERFECT than you can imagine!! So thankful for an all healing, all powerful Heavenly Father who is in control. Please pray for Kelly in the next several months as she is being a mommy and recieving chemotherapy. Please pray for strength for her mind and body and peace and comfort.

beautiful Kelly and Ethan

Me and Heather with little Ethan.

Heather and Ethan Owen

On Sunday Dennis and I went to church, had a delicious brunch at Bread Winners and then celebrated my upcoming birthday with the fam poolside and with a cookout. It could not have been a more relaxing, enjoyable way to end my years in my 20s:)

Brunch at Breadwinners..the most delicious strawberry waffles I have ever had!

Sisters....love these girls with all my heart...always keep me smiling and laughing!
Excuse my tired, no makeup look we had just been at the pool:)

Love this from my parents....can't wait for her to wear it

 me and hannah banana

This past weekend I also got to meet my sweet cousin's little one Miss Logan.... she was the most precious little thing ever, she let me hold her for 2 hours, feed her and change her, all with little fuss:) I was in heaven.

Hope you had a blessed, beautiful weekend!

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  1. What a blessed and beautiful weekend you had! Thanks for making us a part of it!!