21 and 22 weeks

With everything going on I'm shocked I got these pictures. I look quite exhausted in these pictures because...well I was and am. Also excuse the hair I have some how killed 2 Chi hair straighteners since our trip to Spain...ugh! Waiting on a new straightener to arrive!

Tweny-One Weeks

22 weeks

Baby's size: size of a papaya, about 11 inches and 1 pound

How far along: 22 weeks (23 on Friday)

Sleep:Better, I sleep with pillows surrounding me and take about 3-4 bathroom breaks each night
Maternity Clothes: Most definitely and enjoying my belly bad
Food cravings: Fruit, chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies

Food aversions: chicken! (usually my fave)...mushy bananas

Symptoms I have: Round ligament pain, nausea again the last week, tired, lower back pain
Doctor’s Appointment: Today:)

Movement: All the time...I love it...I can actually see my stomach move now
Belly Button: still the same

Gender: Precious little girl !!

Best moment of the week: Dennis was able to feel her kick for the first time on Saturday, he can see her kick and move now...we have needed these precious, happy moments:)

What I’m looking forward to: Ordering her crib, her rug came in and ready to start painting the nursery!

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