Biopsy results

Joe got his brain biopsy yesterday at 11 am. He tolerated the operation well. He came out smiling and joking....He said he considered it an unsuccessful recovery because his head hurt:) Definitely back to the normal Joe. I can't believe how quickly he woke up and recovered. It was quite impressive. It was a difficult day for the family as the preliminary results showed that the tumors are cancerous. They look like a carcinoma not a lymphoma which means he will begin radiation of his whole brain in the next 1-2 weeks after his scalp incision heals. We will know the final results of the pathology on Monday.  The final pathology of the tumor they biopsied from the brain will hopefully lead us to the primary source of his cancer. Dr. Lapsawala the neurosurgeon felt that the tumors looked like a metastatic melanoma (a cancer that arises from the skin). They still do not see any spots on his skin suspicious for melanoma but unfortunately melanoma can be tricky and appear clear or never really seen. So the two most likely causes they believe right now are lung or skin. We are praying for a miracle and that Joe tolerates all the radiation well. That all the surrounding brain is saved from any harm from the radiation, that his skin and mind be protected. Thank you again for all who have called, offered help, and loved on the family. We will update after we have final results.

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