Biopsy update

They came in this morning to let us know that the tissue they got from the lung yesterday was not malignant (meaning not cancerous). This does not mean he doesn't have lung cancer it just means that the tissue they grabbed to sample was not cancerous. The doctor said the rest of his lungs looked healthy the mass they were trying to get is just small. They are now calling Dr. Lipsawala the neurosurgeon to come do a biopsy of his brain. I spoke with several incredible neurosurgeons that I work for and they said the area they want to biopsy in his brain is relatively easy to do with little risk. Please pray for Joe that he continue to stay positive (he is so ready to be out of the hospital), that Dr. Lipsawala get to the mass easily, that no damage is done to any of the surrounding brain or tissue, that his bleeding is completely under control and that we can get a confirmative diagnosis so we can begin treatment. Thank you so much in advance for your continued prayers.

The McDonald and Martin families

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