Brain Biopsy update

We are in a waiting pattern. Like I said the lung biopsy yesterday was inconclusive which means we now need a brain biopsy to determine exactly what we are dealing with. Joe will be going to surgery tomorrow around 11 or 12 for Dr. Lipsawala to do the brain biopsy. Dr. Lipsawala mentioned the small possibility of a fungal or bacterial infection this would mean we are dealing with something very different. Something much easier to deal with and treat. We should know more tomorrow so we will keep you updated as much as possible. For now please pray for peace for Joe in this waiting period as well as for Marsha and the family. This morning Joe and Marsha enjoyed breakfast in the cafeteria by the window and Joe went outside for some much needed fresh air.

Joe enjoying some fresh air this morning!

Thank you for your prayers!

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