Foto Friday

Week wrap up with photos!!

Good bye Chi (that breaks on me constantly) there is a new straightener in town...loving this new straightener thanks to suggestions from my friend Ashley and Jen.

Some of Dennis' friends came in this weekend to spend some time with him..he had such a great time and was exhausted after! Love him!

My favorite...hydrangeas from our sweet friends the Stroh's!

We ate at Jason's Deli after my mom, sis and Noelle helped me finish my registry and she said
"Look I'm the Statue of Liberty"---love creative young minds:)

Goodbye plastic you are no longer welcome in our house!! Goodbye cancer causing things!!
more on this to come in a future post!

Freaked out little mouse I found while checking on my grandparents pool!

Joe got his staples out yesterday!! Yay, now radiation can start on Monday! Please be praying for him Monday and the next 3 weeks!

Our poor little Dixie is sick with what we think is pancreatitis for the 3rd time in a year. Yes she only throws up on our rugs not the 2000 sq ft of hard wood floors or tile or even the upstairs carpeted areas! poor baby, ready to have this all figured out!

And that's about all this week!
Happy Friday!

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