Joe Update

This morning Joe got the biopsy done of his lung. He tolerated the procedure really well, Dr. Burke said the mass was so small he wasn't sure if he was for sure getting what he needed so he just kept getting more samples to make sure. We will know the results of the biopsy tomorrow. Today was a difficult day because Dr. Burke sat down to have the difficult conversation with the family and discuss prognosis. Though my medical mind has known all along my heart truly did not want to believe it. And once again I know God is ultimately in control and not modern medicine but we are all wanting to be hopeful yet prepared. Marsha was able to privately talk with Joe about what the doctor said and I know this was incredibly difficult for her to do. Lots of tears shed today and tonight. Thank you for all your sweet emails, calls, and messages. Please keep us in your prayers. Please continue to pray for Joe that his spirit remain strong and that he above all else feels loved and supported. Joe and Marsha had been planning a trip to Big Bend and the Grand Canyon and Joe is determined to visit Big Bend. He has set his eyes on a date in August. Please pray that the Lord protect him, give him the strength to get to do this trip with Marsha. There is so much we wish for him during this hard time and we just pray and hope that it is far better and far more blessed than he can imagine.

I will keep you updated on the results from the biopsy as soon as we know. Thank you again for all the support. Please continue to pray for Joe's health and spirit.


  1. all my prayers to you and your family.

    (btw, i got an email that you left 2 comments on my giveaway but for some reason it did not register on the list of comments? weird. can you check again pls. and thanks for joining)

  2. Thank you for your prayers!

    Strange, Yes I will try again!