Weekend Wrap up

This weekend went incredibly too fast as they all seem to do lately! Sunday we got to celebrate a precious friends gender reveal party. I could not be more excited for a couple than I am for them...they are SO deserving and it has been a hard road to get to where they are!! What was it....A Little Mister or Little Miss for the Sneeds?!

Little Miss or Little Mister?! Moustache or lips!!

Little Mister or Little Miss?!

Will it be pink or blue?!

The secret in the Pinata!! So fun!

Beautiful Jen with the mom to be!

First swing

Love that Matt is cheering her on!

Oh my goodness is that P I N K!!

Yay bring on the bows and tutus!

So Sweet!

Team boy!

Team girl...the winners! Ashley has been right everytime:)

Polka dot straws, zigzag bags: Shop Sweet Lulu
B & G: Hobby Lobby (I wrapped in strips of fabric from Hobby Lobby)
Zigzag fabric: Fabric.com
Pinata: Party Station
Chalkboard Labels: JenMarie on Etsy
Lips: Etsy-DieLightful
Moustaches: Hobby Lobby
Candy: Party City and Candy.com

Yay hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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