Foto Friday

Week wrap up in Iphone pics!
Radiation treatment #8 done

Treatment #9 done- 6 more to go..looking tired, starting to lost his har

In honor of the Olympics my friend Jayme sent me this...look at those metals!
We should have gone to the Olympics:)

Had the joy of watching Elise and Everett so there mama could rest after chemo!! We made it a playdate with Noelle and Holt!!
Everett..sweetest kid ever!

Isabella's new scentsy night light:)

See a theme going?! Yes I love animal print and Marsha knows it:) Thanks Marsha Miss Isabella is going to be so stylish!!

Our new gameroom rug!! It's a little big but like my mom said once there are toys it won't look so big!!
Excuse all the pillows they are not all staying this occurs when you are rearranging rooms upstairs!

Happy Friday everyone!

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