God is Good....ALL the time

God is good all the time...ALL the time, God is good. I was debating on what to title this post and then I remembered what several people had posted on my facebook after sharing our good news and this is the one that stood out. Even through very dark lonely times remembering God is ALWAYS good is one of life's most precious gifts. This past weekend and few days have been crazy busy, stressful, emotional, fun, and incredible...don't know how all that can be true at the same time but it is.

Sunday we had a McDonald cook out and spent time with this cute guy...

After radiation treatment #6

After treatment #7...still rockin his incredible hair!

Please be praying for Joe he has already lost 19 pounds due to his lack of appetite and energy. We are praying for increased strength and energy for both Joe and Marsha. Also that his mouth and throat is completely healed of thrush and he can eat without pain.

On Sunday Miss Isabella apparentyl was practicing her gymnastics moves all too much and decided to give us quite a scare. I started bleeding pretty signifantly from a polyp all her activity has created. I will say it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was begging God for her protection and mine while we drove to the hospital. I have to say I have the most incredible OB ever....I have learned that loving your OB is the most important thing when you are pregnant. She met us at the hospital and was there the whole time until I went home.

Being monitored...Isabella thought it was a game to try and kick these off of me...it was quite entertaining...

Her heart rate was perfect the whole time 140-150s and no contractions!! Praise the Lord.

My OB let me go home about 2 am as long as I agreed to come back to the office for a repeat sonogram in the morning and for my Rhogam shot since my blood type is AB- and we don't know yet the baby's blood type...it's quite compicated but it is important to keep my body from attacking her or future babies. I knew there was no way I would sleep in the hospital bed (and I didn't at home at all either) so we went home and went back into her office first thing in the morning and this is what we saw...

Yep that's her foot in front of her face..just sucking on her toes...no big deal..funny because she had her feet down bouncing on my bladder as a trampoline the night before:) She was so active Dr. Trylovich asked if either Dennis or I had ADD...Dennis pointed at me:) It is true I guess...her energy is definitely from me...and I have not had even an ounce of caffeine this pregnancy:) So praise the Lord we got the all clear and Miss Isabella is just causing trouble already:) I never knew how much you could possibly love someone already but that night I felt myself falling in love with her even more...I sobbed through the whole sono...tears just kept flowing...SO incredibly blessed by God and so thankful that He is always Good.

And on an even greater note we had my mom's 3 month post chemo CT scan appt on Monday..Dr. Munoz came in and said "Well  your CT scan is clear and you are officially in full remission." I'm sorry what?! Can you say that again..FULL REMISSION!! Praise God...these waiting periods we have to pray for tons of peace and hearing this was like the sweetest sound to our ears!! She will be scanned every 6 months for the next 5 years but we are claiming and praying that forever she will be Healed and in Remission! So thankful...so that is how 3 days can be full of an array of emotions...fear, joy, anxiety, peace, elation!! You name it we felt it!!

Thank you to everyone who has, is, and will be praying for us as a family!!

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