Goody Goody

Can someone please try these two new things for me? I am staying completely away from alcohol and caffeine while I'm pregnant. I know, I know a little is okay while you are pregnant but you see I'm a goody goody, a real rule follower. I still remember the first and only time I ever had to turn my card in 2nd grade for talking too scarred me...never had to do it again. So there you have it if you tell me its better not to do something then I just ain't doin it. So caffeine and alcohol will not touch my lips...this is how I did low carb for years and years and years with only cheating on my birthday, I'm better at all or none it is. So with that said these 2 new products are taunting me and I need some reviews...Are they good? In 3 months I will have to try and see:)

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