29 weeks

Baby's size: She is 2 lbs 14 oz
How far along: 29 weeks

Sleep: No bueno....toss and turn most of the night due to reflux and having to go to the bathroom

Maternity Clothes: Yes, ready to shop for some fall clothes...come on cooler weather!!

Food cravings: Peaches and lemonade
Food aversions: none for now...having to eat small frequent meals 

Symptoms I have: shortness of breath...her head is right under my rib so I can't breath at all!! Frequent bathroom breaks since her booty is on my bladder! And good ole reflux!
Doctor’s Appointment: Had sono and glucose test on Thursday. She did not cooperate for a 4D view of her face, she kept her hands and feet in front and was tucked under my rib! OUCH!

Movement: Yes ALL the time...she has started having the hiccups everyonce in a while! poor baby...I hate the hiccups!
Belly Button: 1/2 in and 1/2 out (questionable small hernia) and my abdominal muscles have offically split...blah!

Best moment of the week: Knowing that we are getting so close!

What I’m looking forward to: Looking forward to starting all the final preparations, childbirth classes, showers, getting her room done:)

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