Shower for Isabella

Life around here has been crazy busy and I had every intention of posting these pictures from my first shower for Miss Isabella Grace a long time ago but you know, well, life happens. I LOVE the pictures and post my dearest friend Jaimee posted over here. She is such an incredible photographer, decorator, party planner and friend. I am SO incredibly blessed by the greatest group of girl friends, I honestly, seriosuly, truly do not know how I would have made it in this crazy life without each of them. Each of them has played such a special role in my life and helped shape me into who I am. So without further ado lots and lots of pictures...thanks to my sweet sis Hannah for being the photographer....this is who Miss sweet Isabella got her middle name from:) As well has my great grandmother!! LOVE!!

So glad this sweet friend made it up from Houston! Love her!

Adorable invite

Love this!

Baby fruit made by the one and only Matt and Ashley Gonzalez

Candy bar

Beautiful delicious cake made by Jayme and impressive diaper cake by Lauren:)

I loved EVERY detail!

Love these two...Sisters are the best...missed you Chaille

With our beautiful momma!

Our sweet babies will only be 4 weeks apart:)

My sweetest B2FITW3 haha Jaimee!

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