32 and 33 weeks

So this is a little late post I am actually 34 weeks today but ya know life gets in the way and I just got around to uploading this!! Can't believe it is getting so close!

33 weeks

Baby's size: Average 4 lbs and 17 in

How far along: 33 weeks

Sleep: About the same, getting shorter stretches of sleep between wakeful moments; ready for the reason to be up to be because our sweet baby is crying and hungry:)

Maternity Clothes: Yes...definitely made a few more purchases,
 think I am officially set for the fall and cooler weather headed our way!

Food cravings: Hot fudge sundae...one of my friends I work with was
 talking about them and then I craved one for days...I only partook once:)

Food aversions: None---can't do acidic fruits thanks to reflux!

Symptoms I have: Pelvic soreness starting to cause a little waddle by the end of the day:)
Doctor’s Appointment: Next week, sono and exam, can't wait:)

Movement: She's gotten so much bigger so her movements are far more extreme....my whole body feels like it moves sometimes:)

Belly Button: More out than in

Best moment of the week: Lots and lots of preparation and shopping this week...finally picked a diaper bag and got our stroller

What I’m looking forward to: My shower tomorrow:)

Happy weekend!

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