36 and 37 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks

Baby's size: 5 lbs 10 oz-6 lbs 2 oz, size of a watermelon

How far along: 37 weeks

Sleep: Getting hour stretches...bedtime routine...right side, flip left side...potty break repeat:)

Maternity Clothes: Yes my belly seems bigger EVERY day!

Food cravings: Dried fruit and apples with caramel..I think because I had to give up all my citrus fruits due to reflux
Food aversions: Avoiding citrus fruits due to reflux:(

Symptoms I have: Officially have the waddle down...my new theme song is "Waddle, waddle, waddle ya." Set to the beat of "I'm sexy and I know it":)
Lots of practice contractions..
Doctor’s Appointment: Wednesday, praying she isn't still breech but if she is looks like C-section on the 10th if she doesn't come before
Movement: Tons and tons...whole belly movements, lots of contractions...thought we were going to get to meet her Saturday but she decided to be shy and cook a little longer

Belly Button: officially an outey

Best moment of the week: Enjoying family coming in town...having ALL preparation done...she can officially arrive any day now and we are as ready as we will ever be:)

What I’m looking forward to: meeting her anyday now....we are ready as SOON as she is:) 

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