Halloween crafting

Last Friday my bestie of 16 years Jaimee and I decided to have a crafting date! It was a much needed girl's night munching on La Madeline, catching up and doing what we do best....crafting....in high school it was "Scrapbook nights." Hours and hours of arranging and rearranging scrapbook pages:) We've moved on from that and now love to craft, throw parties/showers etc. I worked on my chevron pumpkin which we joked could possibly have ended up on the Pinstrosity website (if you have not visited it yet you must go here to see it, it will make you laugh so hard til your side hurts and make you feel better:) When I got home though I took a paint brush and touched it up so it turned out much better.

I had already made this Halloween wreath last year...a little disappointed in how it turned out I used too small of a round foam wreath and should have used more orange burlap but decided it would work for the mantle!

Ready for Halloween!

 I laughed because Jaimee made a post similar to this and we both have the same glitter pumpkins and spiders and NO we did not shop for these together....I bought mine last year actually and am unsure when she got hers but obviously we were meant for each other:) haha

My other project... for the night!! My fall wreath!

So excited that the high for Saturday is 55!! Yipee!! And its been in the 80s all week! 

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  1. We were meant for each other! I absolutely LOVE the finished wreath, swoon! I wish you had a before picture of your pumpkin...it turned out looking good!