Running on E

Running on E literally and figuratively lately...

Figuratively---So this past weekend Dennis and I headed to Ft. Worth to celebrate the "Birth" day of his incredible dad Joe. It was such a great time to celebrate what a gift his life was, it was an emotional weekend filled with both laughs and lots of tears. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as everyone heals and adjusts. Most importantly for Marsha and for Bonnie's (Dennis' grandma's) health. She was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure this weekend so we are praying for complete healing. She has some further testing November 1st to check the arteries to her kidneys, and heart. Sunday night I found myself begging God for a break for our family. My heart aches for our family and you know when your husband who NEVER complains and ALWAYS sees the positive in things began saying, "We just need a break, I'm ready for just 2 weeks with no bad news." So please be praying for us, pray that we find peace, rest and joy over the next 3.5 weeks as we wait for our sweet little blessing Isabella to arrive...we are ready for her sweet arrival and the joy of the miracle she is.

Literally---So the literally running on E is at least a lighter note. So Dennis drove my car all weekend while we were in Ft. Worth and my gas tank was running low then but the gas station closest to us was very expensive so he only put in $20. Yes, when he gets in the car I ask him why he didn't fill it up? And that he is going to mess up my system. He explains that it is a lot cheaper at home...yes I usually try to buy the cheapest gas but if I am going to take the effort to get out of my car and get gas I will fill it ALL the way up because in all honesty if it is $3.59 a gallon at this one and only $3.25 at my usual place it technically will only be about $6 more and sometimes convenience wins!!! I have had all my usual quirks to getting gas and not letting my tank get low since a weird stalking incident in high school and Dennis threw them off. He did not fill it up so he could not restart my trip mileage. Yes, I do this EVERY time. So needless to say yes my car warned me with a gas light and saying that there were "--miles until empty" but I still seemed to forget. I remembered before I left the office but was on the tollway before I rememberd that I was suppose to stop to get gas....I do NOT recommend ever running out of gas....I thought your car would just slowly glide to a stop but oh no it jults, it creaks and sounds like you just ruined it before coming to a stop. So I panick and call Dennis who is in an inservice and does not answer then call my mom who I had just told I was worried I might run out and in the meantime Dennis is texting me to call the # on the back of my drivers license...GREAT piece of knowledge I had no clue about...there is a roadside assistance number on the back of your driver's license...great thing to know the hustle of everything my dad calls and says, "Where are you I'm on my way?" I'm a hot, sobbing, pregnant mess and he tells me not to worry he would be there soon...once again...what would I do without my sweet parents..Daddy to the 1 hour later I am home, exhausted, an emotional mess with gas in my this was not a big deal but not fun nonetheless so my recommendation....always fill up your tank like I have always done when it gets to 1/4 of a tank!
And now it all seems funny, last night not so much!! I called my mom and we were dreaming about the days when you could pull up to a gas station and have someone come out and clean your windshield and pump your they just want to rob you of every penny you have!! Oh to have those days back so I wouldn't dread getting gas!

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