Happy 2 weeks

Happy 2 weeks Isabella! I cannot even begin to tell you how much your momma and daddy love you already. People tell you, you don't realize how much you can love until you have your own child and I could never truly understand this til now but it is SO true! From the moment I heard your first cry my heart swelled a 100x for you! There truly is nothing like getting to be a mommy! I can't stop thanking God for entrusting us and blessing us with you! I am SO thankful He thought us worthy enough to be your parents. These first 2 weeks have grown me and stretched me immeasurably! I knew I have always loved your daddy but watching him with you has made my love for him grow so much more than I could ever have imagined. I never thought I'd be okay waking up every hour at night or change 8-10 poopy diapers a day and find pure joy in it. Your first night at home you were not a fan of your Pack n Play or the Swaddleme blanket. I was quite overwhelmed but who am I kidding we took you out of your warm little home wrapped you in a blanket that resembles a straight jacket (this claustrophobic momma would definitely have punched and protested as well) and plopped you in this huge open space! We finally have a system down that you love. You are comfy in your Pack n Play with an Aden and Anais blanket swaddled over your straight jacket;) After each feeding I place you snuggled back in your Pack n Play and press the ocean sounds on your Giraffe and you sleep. I have never prayed so much for anyone's safety as I have yours since the day I found out I was pregnant and I know your daddy has done the same! I pray over you every time I hold you, nurse you, and lay you down to sleep I have never seen your sweet daddy so paranoid, (so much so that he makes me worry I'm doing something wrong that I  teach parents and know is right, like using too much saline nose spray or if your breathing is normal.) PS in his defense yes I almost drowned you the first time I used the Little Noses Saline bottle- that thing does NOT need to be squeezed---it gushes like a fountain (lesson learned-ALWAYS test things out in the air or on your arm first)!! I immediately felt like the worst parent ever and apologized til I'm pretty sure you rolled your 1 week old eyes and told me it was no biggie and you were alive and well after I suctioned it all out! Mom of the year award right here;) You unfortunately get the hiccups 8-10x a day not quite as often as you got them while in my tummy but awfully close! I have some cute videos of you with them, they don't seem to bother you most times, I think they make us feel bad more than they bother you! Usually nursing helps them go away! You enjoy your swing and nap in your Boppy lounger while I shower but not so much a fan of the Snug a Bunny bouncer (I hear you will like it when you get bigger). We change your diaper almost ever feeding! Our diaper count is 123 and 2 packs of wipes!!! Geez that's a lot in 2 weeks;) You weren't a huge fan of your first bath but you have enjoyed each one more and more! We went on our first family walk and about halfway through you were ready to get out of your stroller! When I put lotion on you usually fuss..one day you will realize you should have loved it...people pay money for that:) The wipes warmer has been a lifesaver, you don't mind diaper changes all that much with it. I love the way you smell, the way you snuggle up on my chest, the way you smile in your sleep and make cute noises, I love kissing your sweet cheeks, there is just SO much that I love!

Happy 2 weeks my love!! (Saturday was her offical 2 weeks)

Sleeping with daddy in your straight jacket:)

Sleeping in your lounger while mommy showers:)

1st bath

Love those cheeks!

Lovin your swing

Big sissy checking on you!

Tummy time

Love my precious 2 week old!