Isabella's "Birth"day

Isabella's "Birth"day was far more incredible and surreal than I could have imagined. I was dilated to a 5-6 at my appointment on Thursday and so I was basically a ticking time bomb. I went into labor Saturday morning...the contractions significantly increased once I arrived at the hospital. Though my body did all it needed to do Miss Isabella remained breech so I underwent a C-section. A very different experience but all I cared about at the time was her safe arrival. She arrived safely at 11:42 am to a full waiting room of family that couldn't wait to meet her! Truly the most incredible experience the Lord has ever blessed me with...Isabella we are SO honored to be your parents!! My brother in law of that I have mentioned several times captured these incredible pictures for me...he didn't get to go into the C-section unfortunately due to crazy rules;) But a sweet nurse captured some good photos for us in the operating room.

My favorite girls
Explaining to Heather the art of my serious contractions!

Last picture of my sweet belly!

Lots of cousins for Isabella!

Me and my sweet daddy

check out those contractions...if only my little pumpkin would have
 cooperated my body was ready

My sweet hubby

He looks so sexy!

A little blurry but our first glance at her!!

Best doctor ever

After Isabella arrived...going to get the family

SO excited!

All God's grace in this sweet face!

New family of 3! 

Not a fan of her first bath

Her paparazzi

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