Oh Breech Baby

So despite all efforts that even included going as far as this at 36 weeks pregnant...

Miss Isabella has decided that she is much more comfortable in the breech position. She wanted to prove what I have known all along...I do NOT have childbearing hips....my poor boy figure or like Dr. T so politely calls my "gymnast body" does not make for a very comfortable womb;) I think she is proving to be both smart and stubborn....she now has a loose nuchal cord (meaning her cord is loosely wrapped around her head) so she is smart enough to think if I flip and go head down that thing is going to get tight!! So proud of my smart little munchkin. Though this was not my ideal and I have hoped and prayed for a regular delivery I know that this is best. My mom helped me after my appointment 2 weeks ago when she said, "Just remember God is in control." So thankful He is...at this point all I care about is her safe arrival and getting to hold her in my arms. He is protecting her from having a tight cord around her neck and probably me laboring and her deciding she does not fit. So I was at 5 cm yesterday and put on strict precautions to lighten my activity if I didn't want to have her yesterday. I really, really didn't want a Halloween baby otherwise she  would have sent me to L&D yesterday. So I went for the most incredible prenatal massage ever and then probably over did it still (taking down Halloween decor and putting up Thanksgiving decor, and finishing my final preparation for Jayme's sip n see I'm sadly missing Sunday) but am SO ready for her arrival. She will be here at the latest Saturday morning via C-section.

OMG only 2 more days:)


  1. God is amazing- he has her breech for a wonderful reason! He IS in control and ALWAYS knows best!

  2. I can't believe she is going to be here soooo soon!!! Can't wait to finally meet sweet Isabella!

  3. Can't believe she is almost here! And yes, God is in control! You are going to do great =)