1 month

Miss Isabella was officially 1 month on Saturday! Happy happy 1 month Isabella! I CANNOT believe you have already blessed our lives for 4 weeks! Time is flying by way too fast! Everyone says it does and they are so right!!! You have already changed so much! You are becoming more interactive and have good awake and play times! You finally don't mind tummy time and you absolutely love bath time and so does daddy and I!! Love the way your beautiful skin smells after your bath! You have the most incredible skin tone! I love it! You still get the hiccups a billion times a day and sneeze about once a day. After your last sneeze you always do this adorable coo and it is always too fast for me to catch it on video! I want to SO bad because its precious and I don't ever want to forget it! Your most wakeful time is from 8-9:20 after your good morning feeding! You are still an incredible nursing baby-I am SO thankful I wanted it to be successful so bad! You are a champ! You had your first diaper rash after Thanksgiving because mommy had regular wipes in her bag and not sensitive ones-bad mommy- I will never do that again! You are still in size newborn! 0-3 months swallow you up! You had your first Thanksgiving and you were quite the star of the show:) You did so good for your routine being thrown off- you sported two outfits- your Christmas pic outfit and your turkey day outfit you looked quite precious if I say so myself! You finally don't mind the car or your car seat as long as we are moving and you love walks-you snooze with your arms overhead the whole time:) love love! Your baby acne has returned this past week but you don't seem to mind apparently you are not too vain yet;) daddy and I are SO smitten! I send him pictures all day while he is away working for us! You often cooperate and I get really cute ones!! You finally decided you wouldn't mind the pacifier so much, hallelujah because I know some times you just want to suck on something and it saves me from feeling like you need to nurse every hour! You've spit up a little more than you were this last week. You had a huge one last week that freaked us out! I swear you spit up/puked up your whole feeding and as soon as I went to wash all your clothes I hear your dad yelling in a panic and you were doing it again! Your daddy is very smart but when you do something out of the norm he just slightly freaks out;) you ran some errands with mom this week and were such a trooper, you met your future boyfriend prospect Charlie Hatch Bowen and we visited Cooper Kendrick again:)

Weight: 8 lbs 14oz (33%ile)
Length: 21 in (27%ile)

Diaper count: 219 (newborn size)
Wipes packages: 4
Longest stretch of sleep: 3 hrs 23 min
Clothes size: Newborn
Shoe Size: 00, Newborn

Milestones: Accidentally rolled from tummy to back, 1st bottle at 4 weeks:)

Shots today: 2nd Hep B

We started her on reflux medication so praying our sweet pumpkin is much happier after feedings!!

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