1st month must haves

I can still remember our first night with our precious newborn at home like it was yesterday!! It is such a surreal feeling, I remember my hubby and I looking at each other and saying "She really is ours," "She's ours to keep," and "Oh my goodness we made that." I don't know how anyone who has had a child could not believe in an incredible, all merciful, powerful God. That first night was also a wake up call of "Oh my it's just us, we are in charge of this precious life." Even with my pretty extensive experience with babies and newborns from being a nurse and now nurse practitioner I still felt inadequate. My hubby would question every little sound she made and in turn make me question what I KNOW is normal. So with that I compiled a list of the most important must haves for that first OMG night and month. Hope it is helpful...I was so thankful for my experience and friends that have had newborns before me who could help me prepare.

SwaddlePod blanket-These are the absolute best. So far this has been our little pumpkins favorite. She doesn't seem to break out of these as much as the others though some nights when I wake up she has one arm out....crazy Houdini moves going on to do this!! We also like these and these. I love that the Halo comes in organic..."Why do they come in organic? So you can eat them?"-Giuliana Rancic-haha love that girl and their show... I think we could be best friends...if you don't watch it you should!
Aden + Anais swaddle blankets-Love, love, they are so soft and great for swaddling. My hubby thinks they are too big but I love that they are big because you can wrap them up all that much tighter!
Soothies pacifier-These are the best especially if breastfeeding because they are the most like a normal breast and bottle really.
Boppy-This has been great for feeding...I use it almost all feedings though I really think they need to be fatter or something...I find myself wishing it was just a little taller...i.e. closer to my chest if that makes sense but for nursing mommies its a must have. I have friends that also love the Brestfriend so see which one you prefer.
Boppy Lounger-This has been a huge life saver..something one of my BF's moms got for me, I didn't register for one but am SO thankful for it. It is so portable and perfect. This is what she sleeps/plays in so I can shower!
Snug a Bunny swing-It took Miss Isabella some getting used to but now she LOVES this thing, we also have this which she is starting to like more and more. She was not a fan of it at all at the beginning.
Nose frieda and Saline nose spray-This Nose Frieda may freak the unawares out...what suck out my baby's boogers out with my mouth....gross!! But NO stress the boogers I assure you do not end up in your mouth!! It has a special filter/valve thingy!! And saline is a must, newborns have stuffy noses and my poor reflux baby gets a little more congested than most I recommend this kind NOT this kind in case you didn't read my fun saline nose spray story here..
Sleep Sheep-Adorable sound machine...babies love white noise after all they are used to hearing your heart beat, stomach gurgle, blood swoosh, etc for 9 months...this is just adorbs...I use it every night!
Wipes warmer-I mean who wouldn't prefer their tush be wiped with something warm over something frigidly cold...life saver...she never fusses for diaper changes with these things:)
Aveeno Baby wash and shampoo-I love, love the way this smells plus it is more sensitive on the sweet newborn skin!!
Boudreaux's Natural Butt Paste-Isabella has only had one diaper rash thanks to my using non-sensitive wipes X1 but love this butt paste
MotherLove nipple cream-A life saver and must have for ALL nursing mommas!!

So that wraps up my must haves for the 1st month. I'm sure I'll think of a few others and will try to keep this up as each month passes and I learn what is essential:)

Here are our other main big items we have: (I am working on a registry must list hoping to post sooner than later)

Diapers we use-Pampers Swaddlers
Sleeping quarters-Chicco Lullaby Pack N Play
Wipes we use-Pampers Sensitive
Stroller-love the bassinet-she sleeps in it EVERY time-Baby Jogger City Select, bassinet attachment
Car seat-Britax Infant Chaperone
Diaper Compost-Diaper Genie

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