Hospital bag must haves for delivery

Labor and Delivery Bag

-I-pad and charger
-Phone chargers
-Hard candy for when you can't eat or drink (important for laboring moms and then for mommies post- c-section)
-Insurance card, debit card, cash
-Camera, camera charger, extra memory cards
-Chapstick, pen, small scissors, hand sanitizer, Mother Love nipple cream (life saver--must have for EVERY breastfeeding mom-here), hair rubber bands, notepad (these are essentials we used a lot)-I put all these in a small container and kept them by my bedside for the first 3 weeks!!
-Snacks (mostly for dad)

Momma’s bag

-Nursing dresses-I had 2 because I had a C-section-the first day you wear the hospital gown then the second and third day you will shower and will want your own clothes
-Nursing bra-I took 2- one soft comfy one (here) and one supportive one-the one pictured above is the BEST, so supportive and perfect for nursing
-Nursing tanks-life saver-these are a must, I have a white and black one and wear them tons
-Comfy pajama pants-nice and loose around the waist-especially if planned C-section
-Slippers-I wore these everyday all over the hospital room, flip flops would work but I thought slippers were more comfortable
-Nursing breast pads-I use the washable ones and love them-similar ones here
-Boppy pillow
-Pillow from home

-Essentials: chapstick, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair dryer, hair straigtener, brush, facial cleansing wipes (these were a life saver since the first night after my C-section I was stuck in bed I could use these without water), lotion, facial lotion, make-up,  you don’t need pads or underwear what they give you is perfect I think (for home I bought 7 pairs of black boy shorts-perfect), also need pads for home-the hospital sent me home with a lifetime supply so I didn't need many

Dad’s bag

-Comfortable gym shorts
-Comfortable gym pants-for when the room is cold because you are hormonal and he’s freezing
-3-4 t-shirts
-Flip flops or house shoes
-toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap,  razor
-Pillow from home

Girl’s make sure he packs enough…everyone says this but my hubby assured me he had enough, so I didn’t check and we were sending my parents to buy him another pair of pants;)
Baby’s bag

-Diaper bag (I love this one I chose-Cake by Petunia Picklebottom)-its perfect and I get compliments all the time...usually people compliment my purse;)
-Warm hats (I used the hospital one the first day)
-2 outfits (I left her in hospital stuff the first day)
-“Going home” outfit
-Swaddle blankets-I love the Aden + Anais swaddlers
-Mittens for hands (I didn’t end up using mine but know people that love them, I kept her hands swaddled tight so avoided needing these)
-Nursing cover (for when friends visit and baby can’t wait)- I have the pictured Hooter Hider and an Udder Cover-haha love the names and love them-it would honestly be pretty easy to make one but I chose to go the simple route and buy them

The hospital will provide the essentials for baby: diapers, wipes, baby lotion, bulb syringe (these are all important to have in your diaper bag so it is ready) For newborns we LOVE Pampers swaddlers and Pampers sensitive wipes! Also for future diaper rashes Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the best-I use the green organic kind


  1. my friend is due at the end of the month, it is her first and i need to send her this post so she knows how to properly pack!

    1. Oh good hope she finds it helpful!! I know these were all essentials for us:)