3 months

I seriously cannot believe I am a mommy to a 3 month old...man, time please, please slow down...My sweet baby is growing up WAY too fast!! One thing I have heard and am taking so seriously is to love EVERY stage and to not wish it away because as soon as you blink that one is gone and you are on to your next. Miss Isabella you have grown up and changed SO much this month....You are SO playful and active! I love, love our mornings together!! When you wake up I come up and before picking you up I unswaddle you, it is the most precious thing ever, you smile SO big and throw both arms above your head and arch your back to stretch. You are SO incredibly smiley now and squeal with excitement. You found your hands and love to play with your tongue!! I find myself taking SO many pictures...I never want to forget a single one of these moments!! You have brought us SO much joy! You are the best thing that has ever happened to us. I truly believe that saying that "having a child is like having your heart walking around outside your body!" We moved you to your big girl room and crib this month and you love it...I think the mattress and incredible minky sheet did the trick. You are sleeping 7 hours almost 8 hours at night now. We have dropped your late night feeding so your last feeding is now about 9:30 at night. You still LOVE bath time!! mommy loves it too. You think it is quite funny to watch Mimi dance and you don't mind mommy's singing so much. My singing actually calms you....who would have thought thank goodness you have no idea what a good tune sounds like;)

You are getting better at not hating tummy time...its super cute because you coo so much while doing tummy time...Mimi says you are telling me that this holding your head up stuff is tough...You have incredible head control now I can actually sit you up in my lap and you just look around. You are still in love with your swing...I think it is your fave....you are also obsessed with the TV. If you are playing on your mat and the TV is on you crane your neck until you can see it:) You also love the mirror and we use the iPhone so you can see yourself a lot...thanks Popi for the idea..You love it. I have to brag on your daddy a bit, he has had daddy duty a couple of times and he has done phenomenal, once or twice you may have been a little fussy and given him a run for his money but he has done great. He never complains!! You can still be a little finicky with the bottle and that is part of the problem...I secretly don't mind because that just makes me feel SO much more needed;) Some days you love it and don't mind it and others you think just an ounce is enough! You are actually starting to see and watch Zoe and Dixie...they have gotten braver and come in for a kiss every once in a while and you don't seem to mind. It is SO obvious now when you get sleepy you have this very specific whine/cry...I told daddy I secretly love it because you still look like a newborn when you do it! I may have gone just a bit crazy with the photo-op I'm always afraid I might miss something you wouldn't give me your really big smile but we got some cute ones! Next time I'll time it better and not right before nap time.

Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz (38%ile)
Height: 23 inches (40% ile)

Diaper count: 953 (Size 1)
Wipes packages: 21
Diaper genie refills: 2

Longest stretch of sleep: 7 hrs 40 min
Clothes size: Newborn, 0-3 months
Shoe size: Newborn

Milestones: You have found your tongue and your hands, you squeal with excitement, roll from tummy to back usually by accident;) (you did it the first time at like 2 weeks on accident and just started again)

Shots today: No shots or appointment this month thank goodness!

Happy 3 months Little Pumpkin!! You bring us SO much joy!!


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