Baby Registry Must Haves

Summer Infant Baby Monitor-love this monitor, it is touch screen, has night vision, a talk back mode so you can talk to your sweet baby from the other room, and a zoom in feature-to make sure your baby is moving/breathing-the crazy nervous mom that I am loves this feature:)
Britax Infant Car Seat-so we chose this car seat for its incredible safety ratings...a little more pricey than some but it has been proven to be the safest...its side impact protection has come back outstanding and it has an anti-rebound bar that minimizes any rotational forces associated with front and rear collisions!! It is one click in and out and its sun shade is bigger than all competitors... The other 2 top rated car seats if you are looking for a little smaller price tag are the Chico KeyFit30 and Graco Snugride 35
Baby Jogger City Select-I did the most research on the car seat and stroller...since it's important that they are safe and I wanted the most efficient. This stroller has them all has an easy bassinet attachment that I LOVE for walks, travels, shopping etc...partially because I think riding around in a car seat all the time looks extremely uncomfortable. An easy on off attachment for the car seat and toddler attachment plus you can have 2 of these attachments on the stroller at any point in time once your family expands or you are out with a friend! The price tag is a little high but I promise you won't regret is so practical, easy to fold away and so smooth!
Diaper bag-I love my diaper bag made by Petunia Pickle Bottom-this is such a individual choice. I wanted mine to be stylish since it would be replacing my daily use of a purse and also practical. This one has all the easy necessities-diaper changing pad, wipes container, outer pockets, bottle pocket, cell phone pocket, key clip and small zippered pouch. We also got this bag for dad to carry.
Snug a bunny swing-I have to say this has been a life sweet little pumpkin has slept like a champ in this!! The first time my husband and I put our tiny infant in it we were overwhelmed by how fast it seemed to swing but she loves it.
Snug a bunny bouncer-our baby wasn't a huge fan of this one at first but now it is a must is great for taking with you to grandparents, traveling by car etc. She will nap in this as friends with older little ones say they used it for a long time.
UPDATE: With baby #2 we purchased the Snugabunny rock and play and it was life changing. Cayson with his horrible reflux loved this and I could carry it all around the house so he could sleep in the room where Isabella and I were!
Car rear mirror: a must so you can see your sweet baby from the front seat. Love this one because it has a light feature and remote....nice!
Highchair:  Though you don't need high chair for about 6 months its a great item to add to your registry so you have it when you are ready..

Diapers-our favorites for the newborn period have been Pampers Swaddlers-they are great for their sensitive skin and have a cheat line on the front that changes colors when wet...great for the new daddies as well:)-I know my husband relied on this line:) I recommend registering for a few big boxes of several sizes-they are so essential, so they are nice to recieve as gifts...I also recommend having at least 1 big box of 96 newborns for when the baby arrives. We used 207 newborn diapers in the first month;)
Wipes-love Pampers Sensitive wipes--I used a different brand once not for newborns sensitive skin when we were at the pediatrician's office and she got red and irritated:(
Changing pad-definitely a must...I like this one and was able to easily find adorable covers to fit off Etsy and the ones at BuyBuy baby, etc fit this style. We have 2, one upstairs and one down..definitely convenient but not a must. Our pack n play has a changing station that was a life saver in the middle of the night and in our room.
Boppy Changing pad savers-best things ever...these keep you from having to wash/ruin your adorable changing pad cover, I mentioned above. You just change it out and throw it in the wash. Great for when your husband changes diapers because I never make a mess;) haha jk.
Infant bathtub-love this bath tub, I think all tubs are essentially one in the same besides the shape, color, design etc. We tried out the Puj Tub but our sink was too big for it. If you have a small kitchen sink this is a nice convenient, easy to stow away tub! This is our recent addition, great for baths with siblings.
Shampoo/Body wash-Baby wash and shampoo are one in the same..I love Aveeno Baby..its great for sensitive skin, smells incredible. Most important thing, just remember babies skin is sensitive and you want to use one that is tear-free.
Calming night lotion- love, love using the Aveeno lavender calming lotion at night....babies do great with a nightly routine so we lather up in lotion, change into her swaddler before her last feeding for the night and she is sleeping 7 hours at night at 8 weeks;) Yipee!!
Wubbanub-who ever invented these is genius, wish I would have thought of it, as a nurse we were always using things to help hold pressure and keep pacifiers in babies mouth...a small beanie baby, duh, works perfect. It holds pressure on the paci since newborns have a tongue thrust reflex that pushes out the paci this helps them hold it in:)
Hooded towel and washcloths-I love our organic towel the best, it seems to dry her the best also love these from Pottery Barn Kids

Medicine cabinet essentials-
Little noses-best saline nose spray I have found...easy to use. Great for baby stuffiness.
Boogie wipes-great wipes for those little noses.
Nose Frieda-like I explained here...seems strange but I promise it works phenomenally!
Little Tummies-if you've ever had gas pains you know how painful it is...these are great for gassy babies
Children's Tylenol- though you won't want to use this yet without your providers instructions I promise the day you need/want it you will be glad you have it stocked can also stock Motrin though they can't have it until they are 6 months of age due to their immature liver
Boudreaux butt paste-my favorite butt a nurse and now mommy I've noticed it always seemed to work the best, Desitin is good as well.
Bulb syringe-great for when out and about and you don't want to gross out passer byers by using your mouth with the nose frieda:)
Grooming kit-Love this one it has all the essentials...nail clippers, thermometer, medicine dispenser, brush, comb.

**A couple of updates since writing this post...Isabella has had pretty sensitive skin so I have fallen in love with Mustela and California Baby products. And thanks to a sweet friend we have discovered Johnson & Johnson hand and face wipes...perfect, safe way to wipe off germs:)

Boppy-definitely a must have especially when starting the breastfeeding process, some of my friends  like My Brestfriend as well.
Wipes Warmer-we have two and the Prince Lionheart one is byfar the best...the other one seems to dry out the wipes and not keep them as warm
Bottle warmer-I chose this bottle warmer because it was simple, small and doesn't take up much space. I also really like this warmer.
Breast pump-this pump is great especially for working/traveling moms since it has a 3 hour battery life! Very effective and works great!
Nursing cover-I have an Udder Cover and Hooter Hider...both work great, one stays in my diaper bag at all times...I have used more times than I can count...great for when visitors are over as well.
Diaper genie-love this one. Even though you have to use their refills its easy to empty and you don't smell diapers at all:)
Bottle drying rack-love, love this drying rack, it actually looks adorable on the counter
Nipple Cream-this MotherLove cream is my favorite but Lansinoh works great as well.
Washable breast pads-I highly recommend washable breast pads...I feel like we throw away so much stuff I love that I can actually wash and reuse something...these are so soft too
Bottles-I highly recommend registering for several different types, it took us four kinds to convince our little pumpkin the bottle wasn't so bad. Some favorites: Dr. Brown's (great for reflux and colic babies), Tommee Tippee, Born Free (the one our baby likes), and Breastflow (the one I thought she would like, great for breastfed babies)-remember make sure they are BPA free and a newborn usually needs a Level 1 nipple flow (the # is on the inside of nipple)
Pumping essentials-I loved this breast pump essentials pack, it is reasonably priced and has all the basics you need to start pumping. Great resource guide for breastmilk storage..

Pack n Play-this pack n play is great...very sturdy and well made. The changing station is great for night diaper changes and convenience while they are in your room. We have traveled outside our home 3 times because of the holidays and our baby sleeps great in it since it is something she knows
Crib sheet- I would definitely register for several crib sheets. I ordered a precious minky one from a  boutique but have some simple back ups for when they need to be washed.
Pack n Play sheet-something I almost forgot until the week the baby came. I got just one but suppose you could get more than one in case.
Sheet protector-like the changing table protector these are great because you can wash just this rather than the whole sheet. We have used ours on the changing side of our pack n play so she doesn't have to lay on cold plastic at night. Great investment.
Boppy lounger-another life saver...she would lounge/sleep in this while I showered etc. Easy to travel with and move around, they have different patterns as well
Sound machine-definitely a must, babies love soothing sounds, its like being back in the womb where they were hearing your heart beat, stomach gurgle, etc. We use this travel giraffe most often. We even have a lamb one for her room.
Swaddle Pod-like bottles I would register for several kinds of these. The Swaddle Pod was my favorite while she was a tiny newborn so simple, easy, and cozy. Some other favorites: Halo Sleeper, SwaddleMe, Woombie
Swaddle blankets-Aden and Anais are soft. My hubby thought they were too hard and big to swaddle but he got used to them.
Humidifier-newborns already can have some normal congestion and having a humidifer has been great to moisten the air when baby sleeps
Crib Mattress-I ordered this one off of that it was organic and a great price. And the perfect firmness that is best to prevent SIDS.
Waterproof mattress cover-another organic amazon find.

Playmat-great interactive mat for babies...usually start getting interested in these about 5-6 weeks of age, great for their development and tummy time.
Tummy Time Mat- tummy time is so important to prevent plagiocephaly (flattening of babies head) now that babies should always sleep on their back to prevent SIDS, Isabella loves this soft little mat for her tummy time--Here's an article from American Academy of Pediatrics on reducing the risk of SIDS
Back pack-Love this adorable owl back pack. Great for short outings or traveling with extra bottles, etc.
Sophie the giraffe-great teether and squeezable toy
Pottery Barn Kids---I'm really in love with ALL of their kid toys here are a few of my faves: Stackable farm animals, Uncle Goose Language blocks, pull toyspush toys
Carseat toys-once your little one is old enough and alert enough car seat toys and rattles are great for play time. Miss Isabella found them intriguing about 5 weeks old:)

I unfortunately was not paid for a single one of my opinions. They are all my personal opinions and things my mommy friends have also found helpful.

              Quick Print list just copy/paste

                   Baby Gear Must Haves
                   Car Seat
                   Diaper Bag
                  Infant Swing
                 Infant bouncer
             Car rear mirror

                    Baby Essentials
Shampoo/Body wash
Calming night lotion
Hooded towel and washcloths

      Medicine cabinet essentials

                  Feeding must haves
                        Sleeping and snuggling must haves
                    Pack n Play
                    Crib sheet
                    Pack n Play sheet
                   Sheet protector
                   Boppy lounger
                 Swaddle Pod
                  Swaddle blankets
                Crib Mattress
                   Waterproof mattress cover
                Toy must haves
                Tummy Time Mat
             Back pack
              Sophie the giraffe
           Carseat toys

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