Happy 2013

Haha I know, I know these pics are rather late, but hey in my defense I have an almost 10 week old...wow can't believe its already been 10 weeks. The reality that I will be returning to work in 2 weeks has sent me into a severe depression/panic mode....this is what my house looked like today while I am frantically trying to organize/scrapbook/clean...ya know all those things I thought I would have SO much time to do while home for 12 weeks...I must say I have done little of what I had hoped to do because all I want to do is soak up every minute with my sweet baby, so I digress here's my house and my Happy 2013 pics:)

As you can see my little doggies are quite the helpers! PS this was actually before the even huger mess!

So there you go Happy 2013!

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  1. Because you have made such a cute baby, you have been awarded with The Leibster Award!