PET scan

Mom's PET scan is finally scheduled for Monday morning at 7:45. So thankful I was already only working a half day so me and Miss Isabella will head to Medical City to keep her company. Then I will head to work and Isabella will spend the afternoon with her Mimi:) please be praying for us it has been an extremely difficult week for all of us! Praying this mass is nothing and continuing to pray for peace!! And remembering that God is in control! My sweet sissy Hannah posted this, this week:

I am SO incredibly proud to be a part of my family! Their strength and faith is more than I can explain! I cannot even begin to express how loved and cared for we have felt this week' I cannot thank my sweet friends enough for the countless offers to help with Isabella, our play dates and lots of prayers!! What you have done for me I cannot even begin to express! Thank you so very much!
Thank you in advance for your prayers!

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