Postpartum "postbaby" wardrobe

So one thing I didn't think enough about and no one really warned me about was the need for a Postpartum wardrobe, I probably should not use that medical sometimes I do it and don't even think about it...the postpartum period is that period right after having a baby...I was shopping with a friend recently who had a baby 1 week after me and she said the same thing. You know that in between period of it no longer being socially acceptable to wear maternity clothes wilst no longer being pregnant/needing maternity clothes and comfortably fitting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. In the immediate postpartum period I am sorry to tell you ladies but YES you will still look/feel pregnant until that good ole uterus decides to shrink its way back to normal size...this process of it returning completely to its pre-pregnancy size takes about 4 weeks. Just a small tidbit of info...while pregnant your uterus is about 15 times heavier and its capacity 500x greater than it was...pretty incredible if you ask all this to say you will need some in between clothes. I remember when working as a nurse that SO many women would ask when they wouldn't look/feel pregnant...many women have this preconceived notion that as soon as that baby is delivered you walked out like you had never been pregnant. A honestly normal misconception to want to think/believe but unfortunately it is not true. My mom told me after she had my oldest sister she took her pre-pregnancy jeans to the hospital as her going home outfit...naivety at its finest ladies and gentleman...but not crazy if you don't know. Plus let me say you will want comfy clothes for the first many, many weeks since you will be bleeding like a stuffed pig small menstrual cycle for 6-ish or so weeks and and laying around enjoying your precious new baby. I will say my pre-pregnancy jeans/clothes fit pretty fast but for a while they just don't quite fit the same...(hellllo muffin top...never seen you before;)..Another important thing to consider if you are breastfeeding you will need quick, easy access to the girls if you know what I mean;) While out and about having a button down shirt and a Hooter Hider have been life savers!! So here are my suggestions for a post-partum wardrobe and many of these things you probably already have in your closet I just did not have as many button down/flowy shirts as I wish I did. Thankfully this is completely the style right now so it worked out perfect....

I already discussed here what you will need in the immediate/hospital postpartum period but I will reiterate so you don't have to read all that again....

1-2 comfy gowns for in the hospital and once home...these were great for me especially after a c-section
1-2 comfy pajama pants/work out pants
1-2 nursing bras and several nursing tanks
slippers/flip flops
nursing breast pads

pair of comfortable gym pants
boots, flats
several button up and/or flowy shirts (to help hide the soft mid-section/easy breastfeeding access)
nursing tanks (if breastfeeding)
(My post-partum period has been in the winter but I would think summer postpartum-
leggings and nice comfortable flowy dresses would be perfect)

So for the first and honestly last 12 weeks my outfit of choice has been leggings, button down and boots...on occasion I have also been known to love my Lululemon leggings and a tank.

I've had more than one person tell me while its common to lose most of the weight by 12ish weeks you just feel kinda squooshy and feel a little soft around the middle and this is pretty true most say until you are done breastfeeding...I say all this and it may sound a little brash but I think I just needed to smile so I spoke a little sarcastically/funny but I wouldn't change a single thing that has/will occur to my body from having this sweet baby. God willing I will get to do it again and again. Through this process I am honestly just in awe of the female body and what it was created to do. Oh and the bleeding really isn't that bad it just seems like light period that lasts far too long;)

So with that said here is your permission to inform your husband that you not only have to shop for maternity clothes but "need" to shop for some super cute comfy postpartum clothes:) Be patient with yourself and your body!!
Happy shopping!


  1. Hi Stephanie, I love your blog...stumbled on it via Pinterest. We seem to have a lot of the same things in common! I would love you to follow my blog as well! Congrats on your lil pumpkin. Mine is about to turn 5 months next week! Eek time is flying by!

    1. Yay so glad you found me!! Congrats on your sweet little one!! Best thing in the world! Definitely started following:)

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